• Third Year Clerkship

    Welcome to the Internal Medicine Clerkship:

    During this two-month rotation, you will learn to evaluate and manage sick hospitalized patients. Caring for acutely ill patients is challenging but immensely rewarding. Take time to reflect. As you go through the clerkship, keep an open mind. Perhaps Internal Medicine is the right specialty for you. If not, the basic principles taught during this clerkship will help you to become a better physician no matter which field of medicine you choose to practice.

    Carefully review the materials contained in this syllabus. Review the goals and objectives for the clerkship. Know your role and responsibilities. Look over the appendices for helpful suggestions. Look at "Advice from the Front" a compilation of recommendations from students who recently completed their rotation.

    As you go through the clerkship, make the most out of every clinical encounter, every rounding session, every conference and every lecture. Seize opportunities to learn from your patients and those around you. Never forget, you are caring for real people. Do your best no matter what time of day or what your state of mind. Excellence is a habit.

    Finally, you need to read. You decided to be a doctor to help people. (You said so on your personal statement and during your interview.) To be able to provide outstanding care you need to be knowledgeable and up to date. The only way to do this is to read.

    Good luck on your Internal Medicine Clerkship. We hope you have an exceptional educational experience and make a positive difference to your patients.

    Diane Levine M.D.
    Vice Chair for Education and Clerkship Director
    Department of Internal Medicine
    Wayne State University School of Medicine

    Anthony Gaynier M.S.
    Internal Medicine Clerkship Coordinator
    Internal Medicine Sub I Coordinator
    Wayne State University School of Medicine

  • Fourth Year Clerkship

    Sub-Internship Welcome LetterAmbulatory Rotation Welcome Letter

    Year IV - Sub-Intern Clinical Competencies

    Joel Appel
    Clerkship Director
    Department of Internal Medicine
    University Health Center - 2E
    4201 St. Antoine
    Detroit, MI 48201
    Phone: 313-745-4897

    Anthony Gaynier M.S.
    Internal Medicine Clerkship Coordinator
    Internal Medicine Sub I Coordinator
    Wayne State University School of Medicine

  • Medical Students Scholarship Program

    The Medical Student Scholarship Program is sponsored by the Wayne State University (WSU) Department of Internal Medicine to provide scholarship support to medical students who are interested in applying to the WSU Department of Internal Medicine's summer externships and clinical and research electives.

    Goals of the Program:

    • To expose students to academic internal medicine and its subspecialties in an urban setting with an emphasis on recognizing, studying, treating, and ultimately preventing or eliminating disparities in health status and access to health care.
    • To promote student interest in applying to an academic internal medicine training programs
    • To provide faculty and house staff mentorship to medical students

    Summer externships are four weeks in length and are available, space permitting, to U.S. visiting students. Participants are assigned a faculty advisor and have the opportunity to network with WSU Department of Medicine faculty, housestaff, and students. A diversity dinner with faculty and house staff is held during each rotation. In addition, all participants are invited and encouraged to attend various general medicine and subspecialty conferences at WSUSOM.

    Who Can Apply?

    • U.S. medical students are strongly encouraged to apply
    • Students must be in good academic standing at an accredited US medical school
    • Students must have completed their first year of medical school before the externship program begins


    Scholarships will be awarded on the basis of:

    • Academic achievement, volunteer record, leadership experience
    • Letter of recommendation
    • Personal statement
    • Interest in serving underserved populations
    • Interest in pursuing a career in internal medicine, especially academic internal medicine

    For further information about Visiting Medical Student Scholarship Program or to receive an application, please contact:

    Diane Levine M.D.
    Medical Student Scholarship Program
    WSU Department Internal Medicine
    4201 St. Antoine, 2E
    Detroit, MI, 48201